Brigadier General Marian Orlik – unveiling of a monument

At noon 9.05 in Szamotuły on the intersection of Zamkowa street and Powstańców Wielkopolskich street happened the unveiling of a monument with a plaque dedicated to General Marian Orlik. It was the day of his 100th birthday. Further celebrations took place at „Zamek Gorków” Museum.
Group members were present at both parts. Our pair danced „Przodek”. Guests were welcomed by Tomasz Kuźniak, who was also accompanying the pair during their dance by playing on the clarinet.
Marian was the oldest son of Franciszek, founder of Orlik band. He was a musician since He was a child, which made him an unforgetable part of Szamotuły folklore. He was writing and creating music and descibing regional dances, which led to saving the legacy for the next generations.
The initiative of Orlik family and Jerzy Straszewski from Szamotuły was accepted by local authorities. In a short period of time the decision about placing te monument at Marian Orlik square was made.
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